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Concerning the creation of beauty
and our dreams to fulfill yours.


Our aesthetics and artistic take in bridal fashion.

The designs of Elyn Tang Bridal are revered for their ethereal and everlasting elegance. We take pride in crafting beauty that transcend trends and stand the test of time while still reflecting the spirit of the present day.

Molded to an individual’s unique features as well as personality, our goal is to empower you to feel your most confident and beautiful self. Each of our garment is one-of-a-kind, made from fine, high-quality materials sourced internationally. Not only that, they are also characterized by their ease of movement, fluidity and oftentimes, lightweight quality.

It is our desire for you to look back and still admire your bespoke creation in years to come, play back time and reminisce about the fond memories from your momentous occasion.


Meet the founder and designer. 

"Hello to my beautiful brides-to-be!

My name is Elyn, I've designed and handmade wedding dresses for brides from around the world in the last decade. My duty as your personal designer is to help you visualize your ideas and transform them into wearable pieces of art. 


As a fashion design graduate who was struggling to find a sustainable purpose in the industry, I knew I wanted to offer my passion and skills to help others in a meaningful way. To be able to create something aesthetic but more importantly, significant to an individual has been my motivation till this day. Hence, I make it my life’s work to create beauty that is timeless and unforgettable."


The Elyn Tang Atelier, where magic happens.

Elyn Tang Bridal started with a simple sewing machine from a humble abode. Today, the atelier is established at a shophouse within a quaint neighbourhood in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Each couture item is meticulously designed and lovingly produced on location. Adjoining our creative workspace which houses a library of fabrics and dresses is a living area decorated with vibrant tropical plants. The interior is a homage to how it all started, preserving the cosy and welcoming feeling of being home, just as how we intend all our guests to experience.

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