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What is a bespoke wedding dress?

It is fundamentally a one-of-a-kind dress designed and tailored to match your bridal vision. From meticulous pattern cutting to extensive fittings, each step of the process is carefully planned to ensure that the dress of your dreams comes to life.

Why should I consider a custom made dress?

For a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is hard to find a dress to match the occasion. Oftentimes when you have pieced together the perfect dress in your head, it almost always results in disappointment because it cannot become a reality. So instead of compromising on the dress of your dreams, why not entrust me the mission to turn your fantasy dress into the one you exchange wedding rings in.

How long does it take?

As a one-person-team, I am limited to the number of tasks and orders I can handle at a time. Ideally, I require at least an 8-month duration to design and construct a dress from scratch. As each tier of the bespoke process is executed and overseen by me, providing ample time will grant you a stress-free experience while I produce your dream dress in the best outcome possible.

Will you still accept orders if I have a limited time frame?

I will always strive to cater to your wedding timeline as long as it is within my work capacity. However, all dresses commissioned to be completed under three months will be priced higher. This is to cover expenses such as express international shipping for the sourcing of materials and hiring an extra pair of helping hands.

Unfortunately, any rush orders could potentially be turned down if the completion time of previously booked commissions would be delayed.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes! I will be communicating with you personally to understand your ideals for your perfect dress. Should you choose to proceed with the design, you will be sent a detailed guide on how your body measurements should be taken as accurately as possible. From then onward, you will be updated with visuals at various stages of your dress. I will always reconfirm your measurements before I finalize the dress for delivery. As a precaution, allow yourself some time before the event date in case you need to make further alterations to your dress at your local seamstress. Do keep in mind of the shipping time as well before placing an international order for your dress. 

How do you calculate the cost?

No bespoke dresses are alike and each design demands the utilization of various materials and embellishment techniques in accordance to the complexity. If you have a budget, do share it so I can propose the best design within the range. Alternatively, you may send me an email with pictures of your preferred dress style so I can disclose an approximate cost.

What are the payment stages when ordering a bespoke dress?

After our first meeting, a booking fee of RM300 will be collected should you decide to arrange for a second consultation where sketches will be presented. Within a 3-month time frame from the booking payment, a design of your dress must be agreed on or reservation will be forfeited. Thereafter, I will collect a non-refundable deposit of 50% in order to proceed with your dress order. Making your payment on time will secure your dress production in my timetable and most importantly, not delay the completion of other brides’ commissions. The balance will be collected within 7 days before your dress pick-up.



Do you provide a veil?

Yes, a simple fingertip-length veil will be provided for bespoke and couture wedding dress orders only. With that said, you can choose to fully customize your veil by changing the length and shape, adding border lace, beads and so on at an additional cost. For made-to-measure dresses, veils may be ordered separately if desired.

What undergarments should I wear?

Due to the sheer nature of most white dresses, it is advisable to wear your skin colour, seamless lingerie to ensure that they do not show through the fabric. In general, you may not need shapewear if your dress comes with a built-in corset. Additionally, you can opt for a nude (push-up) brassiere for extra support.

What happens if I gain or lose weight?

All brides-to-be undoubtedly desire to look their best on their special day. If you are committed to making a drastic change to your weight, do let me know your realistic goal by the first fitting in order to assist me in making a wedding dress that hugs your figure flawlessly. There will be a minor allowance of 1 to 2 inches for most dresses. For those undergoing diet plans, I recommend finalizing and maintaining your weight before the final fitting.

Do you provide dress rental services?

Unfortunately, all Elyn Tang Bridal pieces are not available for rent. I believe each creation should have its own personal story that belongs to a unique individual.

Can I bring in my own fabric for my dress?

At Elyn Tang Bridal, all dresses made under the brand has to uphold a certain standard and quality. Your dress will only be crafted with the finest materials that are hand-picked or created by the designer to accommodate your budget.

Would you do alteration services?

Alteration services are only offered for dresses that are made by Elyn Tang Bridal.

How do I make sure my dress in in the best condition before my special day?

Upon receiving your dress, be sure to hang it up with the veil in a garment bag. A week before your event date, remove the bag and allow them to hang free to prevent creasing. Ensure that the surrounding surface where the dress will come in contact with is smooth and clean. Steam iron only if necessary.

What are the cleaning instructions?

All dresses are hand crafted with delicate fabric and love. In order to preserve their pristine condition, they should be hand washed or dry cleaned only. Avoid using strong detergents and bleach. Whenever possible, please entrust all cleaning, maintenance and preservation to the professionals.

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