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Before the first consultation, it is important that the brides-to-be research their ideals for their gowns. This includes saving photos of wedding dresses that you like, deciding on wedding themes and possibly the silhouettes or colours you might favour. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start your bridal homework! You can also email me sample photos of dresses to get an estimated budget.

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To serve you better is to know you well.

The perfect dress is able to capture your individual style and embody your charming personality at the same time. We get to exchange visuals and ideas to keep us inspired. Sharing your budget allows me to paint a picture on what you can achieve within the given range.

If you are interested in securing a slot in our production schedule, a non-refundable booking fee of RM300 will be collected. We will then begin the design phase and research material options before our next meeting. 


Design is thinking made visual.

From our minds to paper, this is the session where I present our previous discussions and ideas in the form of sketches. Based on your feedback, we will collaborate and tweak the design proposal to your liking. Apart from that, your body measurements will be collected.

Once we have agreed on the design, cost and other details, a deposit of 50% will be required before material orders are placed. Your dress commission will then be scheduled into my timetable and production shall commence!

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1st Fitting


The first glimpse is the most exciting.

The foundation is laid, this is your first look of your dress in its toile form! It is essentially a mock-up of your dress to help you visualize the final outcome before actual fabric is cut. Do consider the comfort, movement and proportion of the dress when trying it on. 

Remember to keep an open mind during this process. This is the stage where changes can be made in order to produce a dress that suits you best.


Perfection is little things done well.

The fabric for your custom-fitted gown is now cut and sewn together. The dressmaking process is a labour of love that takes time. We will be in touch with you along the way, getting your feedback and approval on different aspects of your dress as well as arranging follow-up fittings.

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Patience is always rewarded.

At long last, the day to pick up the dress of your dreams has arrived! There will be a final fitting to ensure everything is flawless. The dress goes through last inspection as before it is hand-finished.


The much anticipated, one-of-a-kind gown is now yours to bring home. Payment will be collected within 7 days before the pick-up of your bespoke wedding dress. May it bring you special memories to look back to and stories to tell to your loved ones!

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